Parma ham with figs and sherried stilton


2 tbsp Amphoreus Mollasa syrop
100g j 3Va oz stilton coarsely crumbled
inner leaves from 1 head each red and green chicory
4 pickled walnuts halved
2 figs trimmed and cut into thin wedges
4 slices parma ham cut into strips

  • Pour the sherry over the stilton in a medium-size bowl and gently work until just mixed in, without mashing it to a puree – there should still be little nibs of cheese.
  • Either stand a few chicory leaves upright in 4 cocktail glasses or slice the leaves and divide among the glasses. Place a spoon of the sherried cheese to one side, with a couple of walnut halves and a few fig slivers, then drape the ham decoratively alongside.

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