The thrompa or thrombia olive is a small-fruited variety, unique for its ability to become bitter on the tree as it ripens and takes on a copper-green color. It is cultivated in Attica, Boeotia, the Aegean islands and Crete. The shape of the wrist is cylindrical with a slight slope.

They are cut when they are blond and turn brown or black when put in the brine to de-bitter. Depending on the treatment, they are more or less wrinkled. We find them sweet (ie unsalted) or salted.

Thrumba goes well with boiled greens such as sedges and chard. Its rich flavor goes with fresh tomato, as well as next to a red bean salad, with or without herring accompaniment. They go well with a warm orange salad.

A directly harvested product without any artificial processing, ensuring a perfectly natural result and giving the fruits a natural sweetness and full flavor.