Superior Taste Award iTQi

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest Gourmet participated in this year’s contest SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD, the internationally recognized organization International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), that highlight’s the products with highest quality and truly unique flavour. In this contest Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest Gourmet honoured with two stars Superior Taste and is now among the high- quality products in 2014 , making it one of the few Greek products with international distinction .

The ceremony will be held Thursday, June 5, 2014 at Concert Noble, 82 Rue d’Arlon, 1000 Brussels.

The annual awards competitions have global reach and recognition. In the link below you can see the products that were awarded for 2014:

The appointment was based assessment Jury organized by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) in Brussels and consists of 60 internationally renowned chefs from around the world.

Dozens of different consumer products tested blindly, each for its own value and taste. The organoleptic evaluation criteria related to the first impression, the appearance, the flavour, texture, mouth feel and aftertaste.

The iTQi is the leading independent organization based in large Chefs and Tasters to judge, awards and promotes food and drink high quality from around the world. The judges chosen from 13 most recognized clubs cooks and connoisseurs in Europe, in order to judge blindly hundreds of products and distinguish the actual top.

The international distinction for outstanding taste and quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest Gourmet is recognition of the high quality of the company’s products.

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